Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Portal and Portal 2 - Initial Thoughts

About the Game (From the Steam Store Page)

Portal™ is a new single player game from Valve. Set in the mysterious Aperture Science Laboratories, Portal has been called one of the most innovative new games on the horizon and will offer gamers hours of unique gameplay.
The game is designed to change the way players approach, manipulate, and surmise the possibilities in a given environment; similar to how Half-Life® 2's Gravity Gun innovated new ways to leverage an object in any given situation.
Players must solve physical puzzles and challenges by opening portals to maneuvering objects, and themselves, through space.
Portal 2 draws from the award-winning formula of innovative gameplay, story, and music that earned the original Portal over 70 industry accolades and created a cult following. 

The single-player portion of Portal 2 introduces a cast of dynamic new characters, a host of fresh puzzle elements, and a much larger set of devious test chambers. Players will explore never-before-seen areas of the Aperture Science Labs and be reunited with GLaDOS, the occasionally murderous computer companion who guided them through the original game. 

The game’s two-player cooperative mode features its own entirely separate campaign with a unique story, test chambers, and two new player characters. This new mode forces players to reconsider everything they thought they knew about portals. Success will require them to not just act cooperatively, but to think cooperatively. 

Previous Play Time

0 hours (combined)

What Was I Thinking when I Bought This?

A friend loaned me the Orange Box, so I could play Portal, and I rented Portal 2. I enjoyed both of them, and had been intending to buy them, so when I saw the bundle for 5$ on Steam, I couldn't pass it up.

Prior Experience

I've played through both of the games' main storylines on the console, but haven't done any challenges or co-op. That's why I decided to combine them into a single entry. I know for a fact they're pretty short, and while I could probably spend 20-hours on each, I  really have nothing to prove here. They're a great couple of games that I've previously enjoyed, but haven't had the chance to experience on the PC.


I'm certain that I will sail through the story-mode and then have a blast with challenges and/or co-op. It may well take me a bit more than 20 hours to get through everything I want to get through, but since I already know that these are a wonderful couple of games that entirely deserve their towering reputation, I am greatly looking forward to playing them.

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