Friday, May 5, 2017

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

About the Game (From the Steam Store Page)

The Next Installment to the Award-Winning RTS.
While many were hopeful that diplomacy would finally end the war, differing opinions on what should be done, along with the depleted power of the controlling factions, has led to a splintering of the groups involved.

The loyalist members of the Trader Emergency Coalition adopt a policy of isolation, focusing on enhanced defenses to ride out the rest of the war. Those who rebel against the coalition take on a purely militant view, coming to the opinion that the only way to bring peace is by ultimately crushing all who oppose them - especially xenos.

For the first time in their history, the war creates a schism in the Advent Unity. The loyalists seek to continue their policy of revenge against the Traders, and to assimilate all others to the Unity’s influence. However, others amongst the Advent suspect that a corrupting influence from within has diverted the Unity from its proper destiny.

The divide created in the Vasari Empire is less pronounced, but just as severe to their people. With the Vasari now practically frantic to move on to new space, the loyalist faction abandons cooperation and decides to take the resources they need by any means necessary. Having accepted the need to work together, the rebel faction feels that their best chance for survival is to work with the other races and bring them along to flee the approaching enemy.

Take the battle for galactic supremacy to its ultimate level in Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion – a standalone RT4X game that combines the tactics of real-time strategy with the depth of the 4X genre (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate).

Previous Playtime

2 hours

What Was I Thinking When I Bought This

"Oops, Rebellion is the new one and Trinity is the old one, oh well, I've already bought so many games this summer what's one more for the pile." Which is to say, that 2014 Steam Summer Sale got pretty ridiculous for me. I don't quite think this was the nadir, but it wasn't my finest hour either.

Expectations and Prior Experience

It took awhile for me to warm up to Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity, but it eventually grew on me. Not so much that it became one of my favorite games, but enough to significantly mitigate my usual pre-RTS dread. Whatever else happens, I'm sure that I won't be totally miserable.

As far as Rebellion, specifically, though. I don't really know what to expect. I played it once before on multiplayer, but I was on a team with my friend, so I didn't exactly need to learn the game at a detailed level. I'm still entirely unclear on what makes it different than Trinity and what I should focus on to get the most out of the game.

I'm sure it will come with time, though. I feel pretty optimistic and engaged, all things considered. It doesn't hurt that this is my second-to-last game before I complete my original 2014 list. I just know that I'm going to try and rush it as quickly as possible, because I really want that milestone, but we'll have to see what sort of distractions and obstacles the next week throws in my way.

My big hope is that I will proceed briskly and forthrightly, not dragging my feet for any reason, but by similar token not forcing myself to take this game as a time challenge. Ideally, I want to appreciate its unique virtues and come away with the feeling that I made the right decision, all those years ago. Realistically, this is a sequel to a game I liked, but didn't love in a genre that puts me on my defensive. Keeping on the straight-and-narrow is going to be tough.

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