Friday, March 10, 2017

Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity - Initial Thoughts

About the Game (From the Steam Store Page)

In Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity, you are the leader of a civilization embroiled in a galactic war, fighting for the survival of your entire race against relentless foes. Your success will depend entirely on your ability to manage your empire and command your vast fleets of starships to victory.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity is a “RT4X” game, blending the epic strategy and empire management of the 4X genre (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) with the fast-paced and tactical elements of real-times strategy.

Previous Playtime

20 minutes

What Was I Thinking When I Bought This

I have multiple friends who have played the sequel to this game and had nothing but good things to say about it. So during the 2014 summer sale, I resolved to buy it . . . and then I wound up accidentally buying this one instead. Oops.

Expectations and Prior Experience

I really don't remember at all. With 20 minutes, I think I must have started the tutorial, but I don't think I finished it. It only took me a day to realize my mistake and once I did, I more or less wrote this game off permanently. . . or so I thought.

I have played the sequel online with my friend Daniel, and that was pretty fun, though since we only played once, I can't say whether it's the game itself or just hanging out with my friend that I enjoyed.

I'm a little gun-shy about RTS-4X games after my unsatisfying time with StarDrive, but this game is rated so much higher than the other one that maybe they're not in the same class. If I can build a lot of different things and delay fighting for a long time, I'll probably be all right. If I'm constantly having to be aggressive, or defend against the same, I'll probably feel pretty frustrated.

So, you know, the usual dilemma.

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