Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Endless Legend - Initial Thoughts

About the Game (From the Steam Store Page)

Create your own Legend
Another sunrise, another day of toil. Food must be grown, industries built, science and magic advanced, and wealth collected. Urgency drives these simple efforts, however, for your planet holds a history of unexplained apocalypse, and the winter you just survived was the worst on record. A fact that has also been true for the previous five.

As you discover the lost secrets of your world and the mysteries of the legends and ruins that exist as much in reality as in rumor, you will come to see that you are not alone. Other peoples also struggle to survive, to grow, and perhaps even to conquer.

You have a city, a loyal populace, and a few troops; your power and magic should be sufficient to keep them alive. But beyond that, nothing is certain… Where will you go, what will you find, and how will you react? Will your trail be one of roses, or of blood?

Previous Play Time

0 hours

What Was I Thinking When I Bought This

My reasons for buying this game are almost completely ludicrous. I just got finished with a bunch of steam-based Christmas shopping, and in the course of buying all these games, I got enough trading cards to bring myself just one short of earning a badge. So, I bought a game specifically to get the cards to craft the badge. Obviously, just buying the card directly would have been cheaper, but spending money on a virtual trading card is weird.

The reason this does not qualify as completely ludicrous is because I didn't buy it purely out of whimsy. I'd had my eye on this game for awhile. When I heard that the makers of Endless Space were doing a fantasy 4-X game, I immediately put it on my wish list, in hopes of picking it up some time after I was done with this blog.

Apparently, I decided I was just going to throw that plan to the wind for the sake of some forgettable virtual doodad. I may have a slight shopping addiction.

Expectations and Prior Experience

This is pretty easy. I've not yet encountered a 4-X game I didn't like. A previous game from this company was so good I played it for a hundred hours. Basically, all they have to do is not screw up. I am their fan to lose.

Perhaps that's not the most useful mindset to take into a game. It might well blind me to its flaws, and cause my posts to be insufficiently critical. Like, maybe somebody is reading my blog in order to see if they should buy Endless Legend and my reflexive enthusiasm will lead them to make a bad purchase. I can't say the prospect doesn't give me some small anxiety, but the way I figure it, if I overestimate how fun a game is, then that can only be because I'm actually having fun, and that would be a needlessly perverse thing to complain about.

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