Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bad Rats - 6/20 hours

Bad Rats uses a password system to allow you to continue a failed map. Passwords. In this day and age. Were I in the mood to be condescending, I would say that it's a quaint throwback to a simpler time, but actually, Bad Rats' password system aptly demonstrates why people don't use passwords anymore. I have a list of 21 passwords, maybe five of which I've actually used. It's weird, because the game also has a save function. But the save function is not perfect. For some reason, Bad Rats puts you on a time limit that carries over from level to level, and when you save, you save your time limit as well. So, the passwords are not entirely redundant (and sometimes necessary), but generally more of a pain than they're worth.

It really shouldn't come as a surprise, though. The archaic and baffling password system is the least of Bad Rats' problems. Out of curiosity, I decided to keep repeating a particular level's "original solution" until it succeeded. It took 11 tries.

How is anyone supposed to play a game like that? Where even the recommended default solution only has a 9% chance of success. Even if you do succeed, can you really be said to be "playing the game?"  It's more like clicking randomly and hoping the engine will do the work. Unfortunately, the engine does not work very well.

The main advantage of such a perverse game construction is that it should eat up time like nobody's business. Twenty hours should be no problem.

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