Monday, February 8, 2016

Craft The World - 2/20 hours

I've not yet succumbed to the inescapable force of entropy. So, you know, I've got that going for me. On the other hand, Craft The World's early-game learning curve is kicking my ass.

It's something I expected, going in, so I'm not really upset about it. It's the same thing that happens with every survival-crafting game that is even marginally complex - because you don't understand the nuances of advancement, you craft whatever you need to address the needs of the moment, and as time goes on and your production gradually gets more sophisticated, you find that you squandered key resources and everything you've built has this lopsided and ad hoc quality that has the aesthetic appeal of week-old pizza.

It's just something you have to power through. What I want is elegant dwarf palaces, deep structures with efficient layouts that allow my dwarves to rest in comfort and be dispatched quickly to their various tasks. If I play for long enough, this is sure to be an easily attainable goal, but I'll definitely need to acquire a whole new set of skills to make it happen.

For now, my dwarves will have to be content with living in their cramped and muddy hole with the hastily strewn roof of leaves on top. That this situation offends my pride is just part of the learning process.

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