Friday, March 25, 2016

One Finger Death Punch - 12/20 hours

When I first learned that people could get too old to compete in e-sports, I was surprised. I figured the activity wasn't too strenuous and relied more on the mind than the body and thus young people would not have any significant advantage.

One Finger Death Punch is teaching me the error of my ways. It feels like these most recent levels have been pushing me to my physical limit. I actually had to stop my last session because my fingers were too weak to push the buttons quickly enough.

It was a real thrill to overcome the game's second-to-last lightsaber level. I literally shouted in triumph when I managed to squeak through with one hit point remaining. However, the experience of getting to that point was torture. At one point, the enemies were coming so fast I barely had time to register them before I had to click. My 34-year-old reaction time is simply not spry enough to keep up with the upper levels of this game (I mean, I did beat the level, but luck had a lot to do with it).

I'm still going to try and unlock master mode, but I don't anticipate that being a fruitful way to spend my remaining eight hours with the game. It might be better for me to go back and replay some of the easier levels in the hopes of getting some more platinum medals. Alternately, I can try survival mode. The advantage to that would be the lack of a definite failure state. My only benchmark for success will be my previous performance.

Either way, I think I'll have no trouble getting to the end of this game . . . as soon as my hand has some time to rest.

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