Friday, September 23, 2016

Fallen Enchantress - 20/20 hours

I'm kind of at a loss for what to say about Fallen Enchantress. It isn't a very good game, but it has a lot of individual elements that I like, so I'm reluctant to be too hard on it. The worst thing I'm willing to say about it is that it feels undercooked, like its elements don't quite fit together in a cohesive whole. The character-driven rpg is genuinely good, but then there's this strategy element that doesn't really do anything. In theory, you could build up armies in order to conquer the world, but the AI never forced my hand, so I more or less ignored it the entire time.

The question at hand is "did I learn anything or have any notable experiences during the past twenty hours?" There was that dragon - that was pretty cool. And one of the great things that Fallen Enchantress does is set apart areas of the map as "wildlands" which have unique terrain that spawns monsters and which give you valuable resources when you defeat their boss-monsters. Finding a new wildland and storming through with an invincible dragon was pretty satisfying.

Other than that, Fallen Enchantress was pretty boring, mostly just clicking "next turn" and making decisions about which order to build and research. It's the sort of tedium that I find easy to engage with and as a result I blew through it in three days, but it was so uneventful that it took me almost a day to write this post.

Final verdict - get the standalone expansion. This game is a footnote and knows it.

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