Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mount & Blade - 2/20 hours

Oy, this game. I've played for 2 hours and I've been defeated six or seven times. I think the problem is that it throws you right into the deep end. You've got to recruit an army from the local villages, but doing so costs money and if you don't establish a revenue stream, you're pretty much locked out of the game. It's frustrating.

But the really frustrating thing is that I've been cheating. Not a lot, but enough that I might expect to actually succeed more than fail (basically just a console command that resets my character to full health, maybe two or three times a battle). Shows what I know.

I feel like I'm missing out on a learning curve. That if I only knew the right places to go and the right missions to pursue, I might be able to try my hand at easy tasks before being saddled with difficult ones. I would really like to get good at the game, command an unstoppable legion of troops, and conquer Calradia, not out of any particular martial ambition, but just to get revenge on the game for putting me through these humiliating first few hours.

What I'm probably going to do next is just cheat outrageously. Use the character editor to max out my character's skills and proficiencies and see how a living god navigates the world of Calradia. If that proves to be a bust, then I don't know. I guess I'll just whine about it some more.

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