Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 50 hours


This is actually getting kind of ridiculous. Everywhere I go, there is something to see or do. The scenery in Skyrim is so spectacular that I might be inclined to delve through caves and climb mountains even if there were no treasure to be found or monsters to be fought. And it's shocking how invested I'm getting in the various plots and character dramas, considering that most quests in this game are totally on rails (or have, at most, a single branching decision).

When will it end? How deep does this rabbit hole go? I feel like I could spend 100 hours with this game and walk away satisfied. Yet, I kind of miss this blog, and though I do not have a great deal of anticipation for Secret of the Magic Crystal, I do enjoy the challenge of stretching my gaming comfort zone.

I have to at least finish the main quest, though. I can't leave it undone. According to the wiki, I'm just at the end of Act one (of three), which is kind of a sobering thought, but I don't anticipate this taking another 100 hours. A lot of my time, thus far, has been spent chasing various side-quests (I'm almost the arch-mage of the College of Winterhold), so I think, if I buckle down and do it, I should be back to working my way through my Steam Library in no time at all (although, the town of Morthal is the scene of a mysterious fire that could be arson . . .)

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