Friday, October 3, 2014

Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy - 20/20 hours

My last five hours were not spent doing anything particularly interesting, just picking up equipment I missed on the first pass through, and trying for the odd title that caught my fancy. Some of these were pretty straightforward - I'd just neglected to buy from a shop on my first run. Others were frustrating - trying to get the Barely title by beating level 2 without using the goddess statue was an exercise in futility. And a small number were actually interesting - beating the Sage required gaming the experience system, and getting the hero sword took me into a side story I completely missed the first time through (because when Sasha said, "stay away from the monument in the north," my finely-honed rpg instincts told me that monument was the place to be).

There's still more to do, and normally I'd have no problem spending a few hours tidying up loose ends, but lately I've kind of been feeling a little like the Hero. Time is pressing down on me, and if I don't keep moving, everything will fall apart. . .

Although, now that I say it, it seems like an excessively grim takeaway for what is, in essence, a light and casual time-waster of a video game. So, let's say instead that I have a lot I want to do, and only 24 hours a day in which to do it. And if those 24 hours can sometimes seem as restrictive as the Hero's 30 seconds, well at least I have the advantage of being able to accumulate experience from day to day.

Overall, I liked it. Half Minute Hero may not be the deep meditation on the nature of time that I made it out to be, but it had some fun puzzles and amusing jokes and a solid enough core of gameplay that the last 20 hours practically flew by.

Wait . . . maybe it is a deep meditation on the meaning of time . . .

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