Monday, June 1, 2015

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - 1.5/20 hours

I like the opening of Knights of the Old Republic II. After a brief (and optional) prologue where you play as T3-M4 and try to get your ship from the first game repaired following a catastrophic breakdown, you find your actual main character waking up in the Peragus mining station, suspended in a kolto tank, and surrounded by dead bodies. From there, you have to investigate the nearly-deserted facility, aided only by the mysterious promptings of the only other survivor, Kreia, who seems to have a suspicious knowledge of the ways of the Force.

It can get pretty tense, searching through this creepy, abandoned station, but I know that mainly from memory, because what I wound up doing is replaying the first half hour three times. I just don't know what class I want to play. The Jedi Guardian is what I played in the first game, and it was a more than solid fighter with weak utility and minimal force powers (I basically only used Heal in between pounding enemies with a light saber). The Jedi Consular gets a lot of Force powers, but is weak in both combat and utility. The Jedi Sentinel is a great utility class, getting a boatload of skills and being average in the other fields.

And I just can't decide which one I want to play. The Guardian is probably the easiest, because once I get it my build going, I'll be able to basically steam roll the opposition, but it's one note. The Sentinel is a nice all-around class, and with a high enough Intelligence can basically replace an entire party with its versatility, but I don't actually need to replace my party. I can just rely on them to use skills for me. TheConsular is tempting, because I like the idea of using the Force a lot, but it starts off fragile and never quite gets as tough or as accurate as the others, so I worry I might die too much.

This indecision is both the worst and the best part of playing an rpg. It sucks that I have so much difficulty settling on a class, but it's nice to have options. I suppose the fact that it's a difficult choice means the classes are well-balanced. I'll definitely settle on something by the time I make my next post, but I can't help but worry that I might commit to the wrong choice.

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