Sunday, September 20, 2015

Transistor - 12/20 hours

I've been playing through the new game+ mode and so far I haven't learned much new about the plot, but I have been enjoying the opportunity to cut loose with my full suite of powers. Transistor, like Bastion has the option to selectively increase difficulty by equipping "limiters" that give the enemies various buffs, but I haven't done so yet. I'll probably wait until I get through the end of the game one more time.

My favorite part has been the trials. Some of the later ones got pretty hairy, but there's something very satisfying about being backed into a corner and having to fight your way out.

The game is still impossibly gorgeous. I love looking at it. Because I'm not quite so worried about keeping up with the plot this time, I've been able to pay more attention to the backgrounds, and they are so lush and richly detailed that I just want to move into Cloudbank and live there forever.

Which is a shame, then that it gets blown up and all of its inhabitants killed. The parts of the city destroyed by the Process look kind of neat, in a creepy sort of way, I guess, but it's not the same. . .

Man, I hate that ending. I am not looking forward to seeing it again.

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