Friday, November 25, 2016

Space Engineers - 2/20 hours

Once more, the Space Engineers' learning curve is kicking my ass. I forgot how complicated this game was. To make a simple block, you have to find some iron ore, refine it into iron ingots, turn those iron ingots into steel plates and then weld those steel plates into a box. To build something as complex as a ship requires a whole range of parts, each with their own complicated production chains.

For me, this is basically paradise - but the problem is getting there. I do not yet know what I'm aiming for when I gather materials. The first step in any ludicrous building project is having a vision of the outcome, and that's the part that's failing me right now. I guess I'll just have to collect lots of everything and hop for the best.

Even if I'm not anywhere close to building a gigantic spaceship, I'm enjoying the game. Walking through the wilderness, looking at trees, searching for rare minerals - there's an easy grandeur there. I can get lost in a completely pristine world and make of it whatever I desire. Yes, it's boring, but it's my kind of boring.

But I really want to get into space. I can see the moon from the surface of the planet, and I know for a fact that with the right rockets I could just go there. It's so tantalizing. There is a tantalizing desolation to being stranded that could only come from knowing there are other, better places to be.

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