Friday, November 25, 2016

Space Engineers - 5/20 hours

I discovered something distressing about Space Engineers today. If you run out of energy and don't have any refined uranium ingots, you're completely screwed. There is no way to bootstrap yourself up from nothing. I wish I'd known that before I spent an hour tracking overland to find a uranium deposit and digging dozens of meters into the earth, and then schlepping the raw ore back to my ship . . . whereupon I discovered it would not power my reactor, nor could I refine any more because my reactor was out of fuel.

Oh well, it is what it is, but that's one save file that's ruined. Time to start over with greater knowledge and a better plan. However, I'm starting to feel nervous that I won't get my spaceship in time.

Maybe I'll use one of the space starts next time, but if I do, I'll probably go with the "crashed spaceship" one. I like the idea of creating a narrative out of my initial setup. I'll probably fail that scenario, too, but at least my death will have context.

Starting from scratch is frustrating, sure, but it's also liberating, in a way. I can initiate my plans earlier and seek out the necessary materials more mindfully (for example - this time, I will look for uranium before I run out of power). I can sort my storage more efficiently.  Nothing too exciting, but a lot of little things that can make the experience that much smoother.

You know what, I'm glad I found myself in an unwinnable situation, where I was merely waiting for my last few resources to run dry so I'd die a slow and painful death. Yeah! It builds character! Starting over is the best possible thing that could have happened to me!

Not in denial here at all, nosiree. . . 

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