Saturday, April 8, 2017

Neverwinter - 2/20 hours

This game took more than an hour to update and then another half-hour just to get to work. I've only played it for a little a little bit, but I'm going to count all that setup stuff because, fuck it, I'm upset at the game for making me wait around.

Anyway, my observations about the first few minutes of the game - the opening cinematic is very impressive for the sort of game this is supposed to be, too many of the proper nouns in the game's lore include the word "never" (there's the region, Neverwinter, and in that region is Castle Never, ruled by Lord Neverember - and I think there might be another couple of them that I'm forgetting at the moment), and finally, selecting a class to play is going to be a chore, I can tell.

I went with the Paladin for my first choice, because that's generally the easiest solo class in these sorts of games - the hand-to-hand combat strength of a tank class, but with supplemental healing to smooth out the rough spots. However, I'm now wondering if another class would suit my playstyle better. I'm sorely tempted to run the opening mission with each of the available classes before I make a final decision, but maybe it would be better to just commit to something now and see more of the game.

Choices, choices. I guess it wouldn't be a true crpg experience if I didn't see the first half hour more times than I can stand. Feckless dithering, it is!

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