Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stardew Valley - 20/20 hours

So I did something foolish today. I stayed up four hours past my bedtime playing Stardew Valley. I'm certain that I will be paying for it later, but at the time I thought I could just squeeze a few more days out and reach some personal goals without taking up too much time. It turns out that the addictive quality I talked about in my last post is all too real.

It really pains me that I'm going to have to end my time with Stardew Valley so early. I'm not at all bored with the game yet, and there's still a lot I want to see and do, but if I'm being realistic, it will be dozens of hours before I'm satisfied. As much as I want to just keep playing this game indefinitely, June 2016 was a terribly slow month for the blog and I really just want to get back on track.

My final opinion of Stardew Valley is that it's great, and if I were to ever pare my game collection down to just the essentials, it would definitely make the list, but, for me, it never stopped being Harvest Moon. Which is okay, because I love that series and at no point did Stardew Valley feel like a game that was using other people's ideas because it had none of its own. Instead, it felt like exactly what it was - a fan going rogue and creating an unofficial entry that catered to their own particular preferences. It was obviously a labor of love, and the developer clearly took pains to get all the details right. I'm not sure I would place it above Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, but if someone were to argue the case, I'd be open to persuasion.

I broke my "no new games" pledge to acquire Stardew Valley and I'm glad I did. My time with it was far too short, but I have a feeling this will not be the last I see of this game.

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