Thursday, October 27, 2016

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - 12/20 hours

Hey, I finally made it through one of these Dark Forces games without having to activate god mode. I think it must be because I got a lot more practice fighting Jedi. It turns out the Absorb power is pretty good.

The plot doesn't hold any surprises. The bad guys are trying to resurrect their dead leader, Ragnos. . . and they succeed. You fight the leader in Ragnos' tomb and beat her, but then one of those annoying cutscenes comes along that immediately reverses your victory and she finishes the ritual anyway. So Ragnos comes back as a ghost and possesses his acolyte's body.

I won that fight, but I can't help feeling like I foiled the villains' plot at the last possible minute. I suppose that's just the way these heroic narratives go. You can't win while the villains are still in the planning stage because then where's the story? It does sometimes make the heroes seem incompetent, but there's probably no way to avoid it. Maybe there could one day be a super-hero or law-enforcement game where elaborate criminal plots are procedurally generated and through your efforts you could squelch them while they're still in the planning phase.

That's putting too much on a simple action game, however. In the end, I thought Jedi Academy was a fun little romp, not the greatest Star Wars story out there, but it had Luke Skywalker. It definitely fit the series' pattern and is marginally better than all the others so far.

From here, I'm going to start the game over and try out the dark side powers, though my Healing and Absorb turned out to be so essential that I'm not sure whether I'll be able to make it to the end. Assuming time permits, I'll also try out the multiplayer mode. I heard it's pretty good.

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