Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - 15/20 hours

After a number of sidequests, I have finished exploring Dantooine, and can now call myself a Jedi. I haven't actually used my lightsaber yet due to the fact that my upgraded vibroblade did better damage with higher accuracy, but I recently found some crystals that will make up the difference and then some.

Most of my Jedi duties thus far have involved talking to people and navigating dialogue trees. One thing Knights of the Old Republic has going for it is that those aforementioned dialogue trees are pretty forgiving. I've not yet run into a situation where saying the wrong thing has locked me out of completing a quest, even though that has made some of my conversations completely absurd. Let me talk to you Juhani and convince you not to fall to the dark side of the Force. Oh, what, I said the wrong thing and offended you? Let me say the exact same thing I said the first time I talked to you, but change the last sentence to something more conciliatory. Yeah, I thought so.

I'm not entirely sure I'm on board with this game's sense of whimsy. Like, on Dantooine, there's this woman who's Droid has gone missing. And it's pretty obvious that she's been having sex with it. So there's this whole "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" thing going on with it, and my reaction is like, "huh." I wound up reuniting the woman with her sex toy, and I don't know whether I should feel guilty, because this particular sex toy has a personality and is worried about his owner becoming a recluse who is too emotionally dependent on a machine following the tragic death of her husband, or whether I should roll my eyes at the game because, seriously Bioware, a woman owning a vibrator does not make her insane. I think I'll just split the difference and say that this isn't exactly the sort of problem I like to devote a lot of time to thinking about.

Meanwhile, in the main plot, the player character is turning out to be a prodigy with the Force, and along with Bastila, with whom she shares a mysterious spiritual bond, has discovered that Darth Malak is using some kind of ancient superweapon called the Star Forge. Only by going to four different planets and doing various favors for the locals can the pair recover the map that will lead to the Star Forge and allow the heroes to confront Malak and put a stop to the Sith's reign of terror.

You know, basic crpg stuff. There does appear to be a twist in the offing, though. The Jedi Council is acting particularly cagey about the main character's unusual facility with the Force, and her mission seems as much an exercise in keeping her busy as it does a genuine plan to save the galaxy.

Okay, I'm cheating a bit here. I already know the dramatic reveal. It's just that, knowing this, I can't help but observe that it is being fairly foreshadowed. I wish I had a clearer memory of my first playthrough, because it would be interesting to contrast my differing reactions to these subtle (and in some cases not so subtle) hints. However, I don't, so I can't. Let's just assume (despite all contrary evidence) that I was an observant and savvy player who always knew something was up, and was only surprised by the particular expression of the twist.

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